Short Bio

I was born in Battipaglia (SA), Italy in 1984. I got my Bachelor Degree from the Politecnico of Milano in Bioengineering. In 2012, I was a visited student at Cornell University for working on mathematical modelling of cardiac arrhythmias under the supervision of Prof. Flavio Fenton; I graduated from the University of Bologna with a MS in bioengineering in 2013 with a thesis on the same topic.

I got a PHD in Computer Science at University of Camerino under the supervision of Prof.ssa Emanuela Merelli with a thesis on Topological Data analysis for studying the emergence of epileptic seizures. During this period I collaborated with an Italian company, ab medica s.r.l., for the development of an implantable device for detecting and controlling epiletic seizures.

I worked in the Da.Re. Project, an European Erasmus+ project, whose aim was to establish a European Master Degree Curriculm in Data Science. Moreover I partecipated to the T.R.E.E. project working with Prof. Renato De Leone.

Currently, I am a post-doc at University of Camerino working with Prof. Flavio Corradini on the SIMPLE project.

I am a member of the Processes and Services (PROS) Lab of which Prof. Flavio Corradini is the coordinator and a member of the Bioshape and Data Science Lab of which Prof.ssa Emanuela Merelli is the coordinator.

I live in Portorecanti, Italy.

My full CV is available here.